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Hi!I'm Michelle, a wife, mother of 7, author, freelance writer, virtual assistant, and mompreneur.Whether it's staying within a budget, planning inexpensive meals and projects, performing social media tasks, or running through emails, I give my all to help any way I can.When I'm not working or chasing kids, I'm playing with my bunnies out back.
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Hello, and welcome to Sage Creek Meadow, home of the Herrings!

We are an extra large country family, helping families of all sizes budget and have fun! No matter if your family is large or small, we help develop strategies and solutions for all. Whether you need help with:

  • Budget ideas
  • Meal plans
  • Recipes
  • DIY projects
  • Gardening
  • Animal care
  • Money saving tips and/or
  • Virtual assistance

Sage Creek Meadow has you covered! Shoot us an email detailing one or more areas we can help, and we will help you find the right solutions for you.

Raising seven children on ONE income brings about several challenges, which we meet head on and conquer, one day at a time. We have budget systems in place, meal plans and recipes which save us grocery costs, DIY projects to save and learn from, a garden to supplement our diet with extra healthy foods, and animals who enrich our lives and help support our family. We are cost conscious in all we do and do our best to do everything as inexpensive as we can.

Cast of Characters


Tony and Michelle

A true yours-mine-ours story. When they married in October 2011, each brought 4 children to the marriage, and later added 3 more together. They are raising 7 children, chickens, and rabbits, with plans to expand back into quail, pheasant, and peafowl.

Tony- The Animal Whisperer

He can work with any creature, and loves being surrounded by nature and his family. He currently works 12 hour shifts in a factory to support his family.

Michelle- The Matriarch With an Iron Will

Disabled by degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia, she puts her OCD to use by keeping the family finances, and their home, in order. She stays home and takes care of everything the family needs. She also blogs about all things related to family and family finance, is a freelance writer, and a killer virtual assistant!

Austin- The Creative Rebel

Strong willed and spirited, Austin is original and artistic, with a deep love of music. Lacrosse is her game, and her therapy. She is the backbone of her siblings, and helps keep everything running smoothly.

Andrew- The Caring Jock

Athletic and energized, Andrew is the first to jump into physically intensive work involving the garden and animals. Football and Archery take up quite a bit of his time, as do Scouts and volunteer work with church. He’s going to make an awesome herpatologist some day.

Dakota- The Helpful One

Kind and caring, Dakota is the first to offer help in any situation. She’s our resident vetrinarian, always helping with animal care. She’s going to be a top veterinarian when she grows up!

Abigayl- The Go-Getter

Sweet and helpful, yet strong and tough, Abigayl knows what she wants, and works hard to get it. Give her an idea of what you need done, and she will keep trying until she gets it done. She’s obsessed with all things Monster High.

Hunter- The Extreme Country Boy

Wild and crazy, with a love for dirt, water, rocks, animals, and his bike, Hunter can be found outside anytime. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like, if there’s work to be done outside, Hunter will be ready to go!

Tehya- The Georgia Peach

Sweet and tough, born in Georgia, Tehya is always willing to help, and she can stand her against her siblings. She’s the epitome of a southern belle, being sweet and sassy, but also ready to get down and dirty with her brothers. She loves dresses, dolls, dirt, and football.

Annalee- The Baby

Meanest and sweetest of the bunch, Annalee is spoiled rotten and loved by all. A little wild and crazy, she’s a ham with a loving heart. She’s normally outside, dirty, and having a blast making everyone laugh.