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DIY Monster High Locker Valentine Box

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Do you have a Monster High enthusiast? This is the perfect Valentine’s Day box to collect all those Valentines!

This Monster High Valentine Box is perfet for that special Monster High enthusiast!
Nothing makes Valentine parties more special than having a Valentine box that matches your Valentines…especially when it’s Monster High!

Abi was super excited when we showed her the Monster High Valentines we bought for her class’s Valentine’s Day party. Sadly, no matching box could be found for the Valentines she would receive. Thus began my search through Internet land for the PERFECT idea. I found the inspiration for our box from VamprincessThamy and DisastrousBunny at Deviant Art.

Special thanks to DeviousBunny and VamprincessThamy for their design concepts!

Using this visual, a cereal box, and posterboard, I was able to create a much larger version to be used as a Valentine box. It took about 20 minutes for me to draft out the larger design, but it was totally worth it for the look on her face when she saw it! She was so excited to decorate it! Here’s how the project went:

Cereal box, square, pencil, scissors, glue, and posterboard are all you need!

I thought a cereal box would be a good size for a Valentine box. It took a little while for me to decide exactly how I wanted to do it. I measured 2.5 inches from the corners of the box, so I knew the top and bottom would be even. I guessed on the slope, and made the lines for the top. I then made the lines to connect those to the bottom, completing the coffin shape.

Ready to be cut out to use as a pattern!

Next, I cut out the coffin shape to use as a pattern or stencil. I know I couldn’t replicate it identically freehand, so it was better to do it this way.

Use the side of the cereal box to make the sides for the Valentine Box.

The cereal box was around the same depth I wanted the Valentine Box to be, so I cut the side out, lined it up against the coffin shape, and drew lines where they were needed according to the template. This makes the flaps that will become the sides.

Time to add the flaps for the sides!

Following the slants of the coffin, draw straight lines from the main shape to the lines made outside, making the flaps for the sides.

This is how it should look.

Be careful about the angle of the flaps. If not done just right, it will be an awkward fit when you assemble it.

Freehand tabs to match the template.

This part was a little more difficult. I wanted the tabs to be big enough to glue right, but some of the angles were hard to work with. I ended up doing what felt and looked right. There’s no right or wrong with this one.

Adding the top piece was EASY!

To add the top, or lid piece, I just lined up the coffin piece with the long side piece that didn’t have tabs, and traced it on.

We like to use what we have, so we work with scraps.

I needed to make the lip for the lid, but couldn’t find anything to match the depth I wanted. I spotted this flap from the bottom of the box, and thought it would be perfect if I foled it lengthwise.

Perfect size to make the lid flaps!

Doing just like I did for the bottom portion, I lined it up and traced lines to make the lid flaps.

Tada! Flaps are born!

Using the same concept as the bottom piece, I drew lines to make the lid flaps.

Yay! It’s almost ready to cut out!

The angle of the flaps made it difficult to make the tabs the right size, but a little creativity made it work.

Outlining the lines I need to cut made it SO much easier!

I know how I am, and I knew I would end up cutting on the wrong line somewhere. I really didn’t want to have to start over, so I made sure to use a black marker to trace ONLY the lines I needed to cut on.

All cut out!

I was so happy at this point because I didn’t mess up cutting it out! I took my time and followed the lines carefully.

Score the lines to make it easier to fold.

I used the scissors to carefully score all the lines so it would be easier to fold. For the longer lines, I found it easier to carefully use a serrated steak knife to score.

Folded and ready to go!

This is where all the lines have been scored and folded, so it’s now ready to be glued.


Yay! It glued together perfectly!

I added the flap before gluing the lid together. I put it where the locker vents would be. It was awesome to see the box come together right! Abi as getting really excited about decorating it now that it had a shape! Just had to glue the lid together and let it set up.

Just a LITTLE extra glue…

Since she’s going to be carrying it, and other little hands will touch it, I added extra glue on the seams for added security.

All done!

Abi and Austin had a blast decorating the box with different Monster High “stickers” to represent their favorite dolls.

If you liked this concept, or make one, let me know. I would love to see yours! Drop a link to it in the comments, or email it to me at, and I will add it.


  1. Hetty

    March 5, 2017 at 10:10 pm

    Ciao wonder!!! Fantastici i libri di polpetta!!! Anche a me piaciono un sacco i libri pop-up e uno tra i migliori secondo me è quello del piccolo pr!cripe!!i!Speno di averi dato una nuova idea acquito in questo periodo di saldi!!!!BACIONE STEFY

    1. Michelle

      March 7, 2017 at 10:41 am

      Grazie! Sono così felice che ti sia piaciuto. La mia bambina era estremamente felice con lui e si sono divertiti decorarla.

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