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Purpose: Finding the Purpose of My Life and My Mission

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Hi!I'm Michelle, a wife, mother of 7, author, freelance writer, virtual assistant, and mompreneur.Whether it's staying within a budget, planning inexpensive meals and projects, performing social media tasks, or running through emails, I give my all to help any way I can.When I'm not working or chasing kids, I'm playing with my bunnies out back.
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Soul Searching With Purpose

Finding my purpose in life

Most people wander aimlessly through life, never finding their true purpose.  Some seek, but never find what theirs is.  Some don’t even try.  I’ve turned into my own soul and psyche to try to discover mine.

I have had many times where I wondered what my purpose could possibly be.  Is my purpose to raise 7 amazing kiddos?  Is my purpose to help other large families like ours make it day by day?  Is my purpose to be the friend everyone can turn to?  On and on, the questions go.

My Search For the ONE

I am still seeking my ONE true purpose, but in that search, I have discovered so much!

I am the ONE who can raise my kiddos to be amazing people.  I am the ONE who can help other large families, be their voice, and help the when they are just barely hanging on.  I am the ONE friend everyone knows they can turn to, no matter what.

As of right now, my main purpose is to be here.  To be the voice for my children as they learn and grow, and as they go through some of the hardest days of their young lives.

No child should EVER have to live with abuse.  No child should EVER have to experience PTSD because of the actions of their parent.  No child should EVER have to turn in someone who should have loved them more than anything and taken care of them.  My kiddos have had to do this.  They have had to live in survival mode because of their father.  Some have made it through relatively intact, while others are quite possibly permanently broken.

My Mission

I have made it my personal mission to make a stand with my broken kiddos.  We suffer daily with ptsd, depression, and anxiety because of things we’ve been through.  Most was at the hands of their father, who FINALLY, after years of trying to get some help, has officially be charged with felony child abuse.

My purpose is to see them through this, protect them, guide them, and speak against not only child abuse, but also mental health stigmas.  I strive to show them, no matter what life throws at you, no matter how bad it gets, you can LIVE.  Sure, I have my bad days, but there’s always good with the bad.  I will always be that light in the dark.

Make your purpose to be the light in the darkness for others.

How Sage Creek Meadow Aids My Purpose and Mission

Sage Creek Meadow started out as a way for me to share tips and recipes to help families of all sizes, not just large ones like ours, make it in todays world.  Now, it does so much more!  It brings the focus not only to living a less expensive lifestyle, but also to the mental illness so many fight in this world.  In my own home, that includes post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperavtivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorders.

Mental Illness

There are ways to be a functioning person with mental illness, and I feel privileged to be the one chosen to show them.  We cook, we make things, we write, we talk, we sing, we dance, we laugh, we cry, we fight… But, through it all, we LIVE!  This is my purpose…to be ME and to be the best mama I can be!

Your Purpose

Have you done some intense soul searching to find your one purpose?  Have you figured out even a smidgen of it?  Do you do your best to live up to your purpose each day?  What have you learned on your journey?  Drop me a comment, or email me.  Let’s talk.  If you have any issues with mental illness, I want you to know my “door” is always open.  No one should be alone on a journey like this.

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